Nature and Archaeology

People often forget just that nature has a great effect on archaeology. In this post I will briefly talk about how nature affect us everyday.

Mother Nature is the greatest mother of all. From time immemorial, we have fallen in love with her bounty and generosity. She has come to our rescue when we least expected her and has often been the source of our inspiration when our lives hang on the brink of despondence and hopelessness. For this reason, we have had this timeless connection with her and true to her nature, she has never disappointed.

However, Mother Nature is unforgiving and when we anger her, she gets so incensed that the implications of her vengeance is simply so hard to imagine. We have angered her in many ways; through deforestation, pollution of our air and rivers as well as depletion of nearly everything that held her together.

Now, she has reacted in the only way she knows how and the whole world is feeling her pangs. Simply put, she has struck us with a mortal wound – climate change and the effects can be felt all across the world, from Japan and the Philippines to Grenada and the United States.

If we do not address her anger, she will continue to torment us with floods and hurricanes until we have nowhere to hide. When she rumbles, the result is a massive earthquake that leaves thousands homeless and hopeless. It is not in her nature to do this but this is her way of reminding us that we need to do something to appease her so she may revert to her former bountiful ways.

She has spared no one and if you haven’t felt her pangs through the floods or the tremors, then she has definitely visited you through drought, famine and fatal diseases like cancer. We truly need to address her anger because while we might get away with some of her punishments such as the floods and wild fires through such means as hiring Chicago moving service, she still has a way of catching up with us through other means like throwing terminal infections to us.

What will we do then? The answer is with us and we should not fear to speak out. Let us lobby all environmental conservationists and the relevant state agencies to ensure we get back our environment because if not, it doesn’t matter where we run and hide, we simply cannot escape the consequences of environmental destruction.